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Our Next Meetup

28 March, 2019 | 07:00 pm

Discover Certified NLP Basic Training! (Free Preview)

6898 avenue de Lorimier, Suite 205
Montreal, Quebecéal

539 Members
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Who we are: We are a group that helps people move from stagnation to abundance. Here is the meetup description of our group: If you've ever felt stagnated and dissatisfied, as if you want more: connections with others, hobbies, a fulfilling career etc, but for whatever reason you've been unable to obtain satisfaction. This group might be for you. Together we explore how our lives could be more fulfilling, partake in practices to help build curiosity and playfulness as well as offer the necessary support to surpass internally and externally imposed limitations. You can expect everything from journaling, yoga, gardening, cooking, hiking, business planning to chakra healing and spiritual exploration.